Together with Reggio Children

The Reggio Emilia approach, recognized around the world, believes in the potential of every child and is based on the concept of active listening which encompasses child, parent and educator figures.

The ” Reggio Emilia Approach ” is recognized as one of the best educational experiences in the world and is studied in prestigious Italian and foreign universities. The Reggio educational experience was founded more than forty years ago in the nurseries and preschools of the Reggio Emilia region. The educational philosophy of Reggio takes its inspiration from the ideas of Loris Malaguzzi, author of the ”Hundred Languages ​​of Children.” The hundred languages ​​are a metaphor for the creative and cognitive resources we all possess.

With the aim of offering a quality service, Clorofilla has launched a consultation with Reggio Children, an organization that works to test, promote and spread worldwide quality education. Specifically Reggio Children works with Clorofilla development of educational services and the selection and team training.

reggio children

Child-Centered Approach

The core idea of the child-centered approach is the inherent potential to develop in a variety of environments, through exploration and expression using diverse modes.

Childhood is a time of great potential in which the child begins to formulate relations and experiences, building knowledge and expressing their personality.

The Hundred Languages of Children

We believe a child is born with a hundred languages. Thus the main task of the adult is to
listen, recognize and give value to these modes of expression, creating situations where the
children are able to flourish.

The Value of Education

We view education not just as a transfer of knowledge, but rather as the creation of contexts
that which favor the growth and development of the group learning. The backbone of education is reciprocal communication and listening, which become the prerequisite to creating relationships between children and educators.

Professional Development

The continuing education and professional development of educators is coordinated by Reggio Children through the creation of a personalized educational plan. Our team also includes a coordinator figure, which is essential in valorizing the personalities and talents of each educator.

The Role of Adults

The educator joins the child in the role of researcher. Thus the role of the educator is to create and propose contexts in which the goal is not the result. The educator also also takes great value in observing children’s thought processes, in both individual and group contexts.

Family Involvement

Parents are an important part of our educational formula.
We give value to their need to take part in their child’s life outside of the family context, where
they can observe and experiment with different ways of “growing up” with their children.

Aside from the daily contact with the teachers, the parents also participate in both group and
individual meetings where they may exchange knowledge and feel free to ask questions.