At Clorofilla, children have the chance to listen to and become familiar with another language in their own way and to absorb a second language.
The Clorofilla educational team consists of native English-speaking teachers, fluent in Italian, working side by side with native Italian teachers. This environment allows children to live a bilingual context, which is international and multicultural.  The presence of English increases in the transition from nursery to preschool. Both the English-speaking teachers and Italian teachers become a daily reference point for children who are acquiring these language skills.

There are many studies which show that learning a second language means also learning how to see things from a perspective that is not only just ours. Another cognitive advantage of living in a bilingual environment is that it encourages children to exercise a more selective attention. We believe learning a second language from an early age means opening up one’s mind: learning about different cultures, traditions, stories, ideas, ways of conversing, and of how one interprets and understands the world.